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  •   There is no doubt that the star effect is indeed to promote the single product to hot sell, this month street beat are all the popular stars, from Kate Moss to Gisele Bundchen, Michelle Williams to Dita Von Teese, are all the most popular stars, what they wear is definitely the benchmark. Perhaps after reading, there will be the fashionable single products that you want to win.
  •   Alessandra Ambrosio had already started working postpartum, this flowing print dress make her seems to have no traces gave birth to a child. Anna Kendrick, the actress of "Twilight" on the color of black and white dress with a green Coach handbags, lively a lot at once. Caroline Sieber wearing a white Chanel dress to attend the British Royal Jockey Club, Shoes from Louis Vuitton. Dakota Fanning this printed over the swan dress from Topshop, handbag is her most love Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton.

  •   The printed dress of Tracy Reese for Anthropologie make Dianna Agron looks extremely eye-catching. This Roland Mouret dress that Dita Von Teese wear has been the brand's iconic style.

Top 8 Wedding Dress Popular Trends 2013

Peplum Skirts

Flouncing on waist, like elegant peplum skirts, is women's most common pop elements in this season, which is headed by Lanvin suits. This element is used in numerous stages on the autumn and winter fashion. Of course, wedding dresses will never be able to shut out this elegant rule. With the shape of round skirt and the feeling of vintage and high waist, it is as beautiful as coming out from Amsale. And the peplum skirts can conceal the defects on the curve to make you most perfect S curve bride.

Tend To Fashion

The popular trend of wedding dresses tending to fashion is more and more obvious. For example, Carolina Herrera’s double-breasted wedding dress is inspired by the classic trench coat style, which is suitable for outdoor wedding and honeymoon. The close relationship between the wedding dresses and fashion emphasized urban women the most fundamental inner world of this season.

Mermaid Style

Mermaid style has always been the killer of the occasion dresses and wedding dresses and also is the best shape to embody graceful female figure. In the year of 2013, the hem of mermaid dress will be more emotion and popular. After raising the leg bottleneck line, layers of the mermaid hem highlight the carried away visual experience. Not too much exaggerated dimensions and the sense of posture rhythm are really wonderful!

Asymmetric Oblique Shoulder Straps

The personality is the fashion’s addictive eternal aspiration. Oblique Shoulder Straps, although it is not surprising, on the front of dignified and ceremonial, oblique Shoulder style is more capable of producing elegant and mysterious deep impression and alternative curve, which as sacred as the Greek goddess.


Dominated by lace, wedding dresses combine lace hollow design. Different lace pattern gives each wedding dress different life. And the use of popular lace on the wedding dresses also has a new initiative. For example, thin, light and advanced hand-woven lace, strapless body lines design; collocate with a light blue skirt shawl of silk yarn materials. It just likes a mermaid swim in the ocean when model is walking

Hazy Neck Design

Most of the popular wedding dresses are all stressed the wide skirt and to highlight the bride's shoulder line by strapless style. But with the popularity of retro, neck and shoulder are as the direction of spreading wedding art. The hazy sense created by embroidery, lace and tulle more to highlight the beauty’s delicate and pure of becoming a wife

Short Wedding Dress

Short wedding dress is generally as bridesmaid dresses or the best choice for party queen. Carried away wedding dresses also want to stride the heavy pace. Short front and long back High-low wedding dress or simply a short wedding dress means that wedding is becoming more and more relaxed and younger. Break with tradition, the bride also could be lively princess

Behind, "there is much"

When the bride comes over gracefully, she has gone through your side while many people haven’t been catching the mind by her glamorous beauty. Fascinating back shadow gradually walk on. Ecstasy back shadow became the singular primary key of the 2013 wedding dress. No too much flaunt is needed, the back lines can captured the hearts of all beings
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